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Hud-Son Exclusive H- Frame Wheel Support Design

Band wheels sit on heavy duty 1.5" shafts supported by Pillow Block Bearings that are attached to the machine frame on both sides of the wheel.  This configuration evenly distributes pressure, and eliminates premature shaft and bearing failure.  We are so confident in our design that we offer a main bearing and shaft warranty of 6 Years!  Digital Catalog Here


Decades of Refinement 

4-post head design, which allows for head stability & reduces the chance for "sag" or "uneven" cuts.  Inner H-frame Bearing Support System applies less stress on the bearings and drive shaft.


Designed for Easy Access

Easy access to all the bearings, shafts and belts makes adjustments and service simple.  Blade changes are easy, no realigning or adjustments to make other than blade tension.


Three Point Support

Our blade guides limit the chance for blade wander.  The lower and upper guides prevent the blade from diving down or up.  Making more consistent cuts from board to board.


Compare and See

When you compare the standard features, quality materials and manufacturing process, there is no other mill that gives better value dollar for dollar.  

Protecting Your Investment

We powder coat all of our sawmills & other products with our unique superior coating process.  Each part is carefully prepared & coated to protect your investment for years to come.

Vigorous 28 Point Inspection

Each sawmill has cut a log before it leaves the factory.  Our detailed inspection is performed at three different stages


Minimal Vibration, True Cuts

Bandwheels from 16", 19.5", 25" & 30" have tight fitting grooved urethane belting.  Unique match & balancing with wheel, belts, and shafts, removes vibrations caused by loose belts ensuring the truest cut every time.

Get it Where the Logs are

Convenience is key to portability.  Most sawmill can be moved by an ATV or a pickup truck.  Some are light enough to be moved by hand.  Compact storage sizes.

We Stand Behind our Product

All standard mills have a 3-Year limited warranty.  We do not hide behind the small print.  Hud-Son offers a 6-Year shaft and bearing warranty for non commercial units.  Contact EFS Sales for specifics to your unit and situation.