We are in the business of wood processing equipment.

From felling to firewood to furniture, we have the equipment to move it, mill it and make it.  Our customers are the land owners, small business operators, professional woodworkers, and DIY craftsmen & women who call the Pacific North West home.  The region we live in has deep ties to logging in the early 20th century, and helped shaped the landscape we live in today.  Times are different now, logging to survive isn't a necessity, the modern Sawyers are taking down dangerous trees in urban settings, they are clearing your land of storm downed trees, they are entrepreneurs who see an opportunity to preserve and reclaim these trees by turning them into amazing creations, and most importantly, they are you.  The equipment that we provide puts the power in your hands to responsibly manage the land around us. 

We are Washington's exclusive dealer for Hud-Son Forest Equipment, Uniforest's Line of Skidding Winches & Grapples, and Woody Equipment for Forestry and Agriculture.  During this phase, we are offering equipment sales for these lines and our Web Store is open to show the products we can currently offer.  If it's listed here we can get you a quote including delivery.  

Things are changing quickly and we will keep our customers updated on our progress. Future phases include offering mobile services and expanding our offering further into secondary processing. Items such as Planers, Jointers, Cabinet Saws, Resaws, Shapers and Bandsaws. In addition, we also plan to offer services for woodworkers such as wide planing, sanding, as well as Kiln Drying.  We are working hard to bring you more equipment through the website as our progress towards opening continues.  Check our news section for a post outlining the product lines we plan to offer, and give us your feedback!