Woody 90-HD Log Loader

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90-HD Log Loader.jpg

Woody 90-HD Log Loader


The 90-HD is designed for ATVs of 400 cc and more, and for small tractors. Its 63” low profile is ideal for work in the sugar bush; you are able to go under your tubes in several locations without dismantling. It has a 9’ range and has a 600 lb lifting capacity at maximum range. The 90-HD has its own hydraulic unit, therefore, you do not need an auxiliary oil output.

It is mounted on a 7-52 trailer, (7’ load x 52” wide). It includes an adjustable hydraulic axle that allows you to balance your load at all times, which makes this an essential tool for an ATV.

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  • Lift Capacity at Max Extension: 600 lbs
  • Lift Capacity Mid Range: 1200 Lbs
  • 28" Grapple with continuous 360 deg rotation
  • Rotator Max Lifting Capacity: 2200 lbs
  • Trailer: 7' Payload, 52" Wide
    • 3500 Lb Axles
  • Options:
    • 4000lb Winch
    • 12" Bucket
    • 7' Gravel bin
    • Tire Options Also available