Professional Services

EFS offers services to the public and professionals alike, from portable custom Milling with our Hud-Son Bandsaw Mills, planning for 24” and under with our Powermatic 201HH – Helical Head Planer, to wide planning and sanding for items ranging from 25” to 60”.  Since we are the dealer for all of this equipment, we also give our customers a 30 day window in which 50% of the prices they’ve paid for services can be applied towards purchase of their own equipment.


Bandsaw Blade Resharpening / Toothsetting

Save time and money by having your dull blades resharpened. We can currently sharpen blades with the standard 10 degree hook angle from Hud-Son, as well as 4 and 7 degree hook angles. Teeth are also re-set to stock specifications but can be modified per customer request. All Sharpening and Tooth setting is done on automatic machines to remove the human error portion of hand setting or sharpening. $17 per blade, or $15 per blade for runs of 10 or more. You pay shipping to me, I will pay to ship them back.


Custom / Mobile Milling

We can cut custom orders for your projects or to take a tree from your property and convert it to lumber. Prices and options vary by the job required. Contact for a specific quote. We have a fleet of equipment to meet the specific job needs. Our Hud-Son Portable Bandsaw Mills handle logs up to 36” for most jobs, and we can accommodate cuts up to 6’ wide. If the tree is on the ground we can take it from there. Starting at $75 HR + $2 Mile from 98272 - We can also bid by job, contact for more information.


Powermatic Helical Head Planing - up to 24”

Experience the gold standard in wood finishing for 24” stock or smaller. Thinking of purchasing the equipment? Test run a project through it with us, and apply 50% of that cost towards the purchase. Prices can vary by material, starting at $50HR, 1 HR minimum charge.


Wide Planing / Sanding up to 60”

We are proud to be able to offer planing and sanding for items up to 5 feet wide. No job is too big, save yourself countless hours of labor for a flawless and flat surface. Flattening / Planing up to 60” Start at $70Hr - 2 HR minimum charge. $10HR additional charge for sanding. We can do both sides of your item or just one. Jobs in this category are very customized, please contact for more information.