How it Works


Products From Sawyers is a public marketplace to showcase or purchase wood products and materials at any stage of refinement.  Logs or Lumber, Green or Dry, Pieces ready for finishing and finished goods.  If you are a Sawyer, this is another outlet to sell the products from your Mill, or find something new to run through it.  Woodworkers and Professionals can obtain stock for their projects or showcase their final form items.

It is our main goal and focus to promote the work and businesses of the PNW.  If you have something you’d like to sell, fill out the form below to get started.  There are many options for reselling your items and it is not our goal to replace them, we are another avenue with a highly specialized and local focus and through our dealership operations we offer you a wider net of potential customers.  We give full credit to the producers of each item and provide as much or little information about them as they desire.

For Buyers:

Our online Marketplace is like any other storefront you are used to working with. Browse our catalog and feel free to call for any additional info or clarification.  If you find a piece you like and it is not finished, inquire about our finishing services or cost from the listing seller to complete your custom design.  Prices listed are for pick up in the location provided but shipping can be facilitated at an additional cost.  When you purchase an item, we hold the payment until confirmation of delivery has been received from the listing seller.  Items inventoried by EFS can be delivered within the greater Peugeot Sound Region by our team at a much lower rate than standard shipping. 

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For Sellers:

Come see what the benefits are and how we can help promote your business or product. We do not purchase items to re-sell for profit, we provide a professional outlet, with a demographic looking for your items, where you set the price and provide the information, then relax until the item sells. We promote our marketplace to drive traffic, accept and collect any forms of payment and we can handle the whole process including storage and shipping if you can bring your item to us. When you succeed, we succeed.  Our Sawyers are the stewards of our environment, the natural beauty of the PNW is enhanced and maintained by our customers and partners, who responsibly harvest logs and maintain trees in our Urban Settings to produce items that tell a story.  We invite you to come tell your story with us!

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