Marketplace Program Information

Selling Process / Details


Why List Your Items With EFS?

What does it cost and how does this work?  The quick answer is you set the price you want to receive, we host and market the items and process payments for a 5% fee.  We collect payments from the customers and you are paid once confirmation of delivery is received less 5% of the listing price. 

For unfinished items, at an additional rate, we can provide a Full Service Listing.  As long as the item is delivered to us, we can take the photos, write the descriptions and warehouse the item for up to one month.  Once sold we handle delivery or facilitate shipping with the customer – you get paid after delivery. 


Here are some FAQ:

I can list for free on multiple outlets, why should I pay you?

o   Exposure of your products or your business in another avenue of resale increases the likelihood for a specific item to sell

o   We are very specialized in our offerings and over time hope to become a first stop for people searching for these types of items

o   Our Dealership operations expose our website to a very wide range of consumers and potential suppliers.  Reach people you might not reach with your other efforts

o   Get the benefits of having an online storefront, including accepting any form of payment without having to maintain it yourself

o   We are local, we are just like you. The equipment and services we offer were born from a love of the process. Each piece is unique and each item presents challenges to overcome. Let us help you remove some of the challenges of selling.

Can I advertise?

o   We will provide as much information to the customers as you choose.  I prefer to list the person or business you want identified, a website link or email, and any additional services you provide, like finishing a piece and costs. 

o   Tell a Story. Even the smallest detail about your item leading up to the listing you submit will draw in potential customers. This is even more true when you or your business are part of the story.

Can’t I just cut you out if the customer contacts me directly?

o   Yes, you could, and this portion of our business is not designed to be a profit center, so we are working on the honor system.  I would hope that our listing sellers have the integrity to recognize if a lead was generated from our marketplace and act accordingly.

o   The reality is that if you sell something that is listed, you will have to contact me to remove the listing so I’ll be aware it has sold.  This will happen and I expect it to, but I will notice if there becomes a pattern, and should a pattern become a problem I reserve the right to refuse future listings from a seller. 

Does it cost anything to remove a listing?

o   Not at all.  I understand the way things move and I personally list items at all stages for sale, until I have time to take it to the next step or until its purchased for a custom order.  For listed items that are not being stored by EFS, you only pay when an item sells, and that is deducted from the proceeds. 

How does the full-service program work?

o   Step 1: You get the item or items to me on your own accord and let us know the price you want to receive.

o   Step 2: Upon Delivery, a charge of $1 per BDFT will be charged.  This amount is non-refundable and covers one month of storage.  Additional storage can be purchased at the same rate in monthly blocks, space permitting.  Unpaid fees will be deducted from proceeds when item sells, or must be paid before EFS can return the inventory. 

o   Step 3: We photograph, catalog, write descriptions (if desired), List for sale in our marketplace, and store your item as if were our own.

*** Note about our current storage:  These are self storage units to keep them out of the extreme elements, but they are not heated or completely removed from temperature fluctuations.  If your item is not suitable for these conditions please be aware of this up front ***

o   Step 4: When an item sells, EFS will manage the customer delivery directly with the customer

o   Step 5: EFS administers payment to listing seller, minus the 5% processing fee and any unpaid storage fees. 



We do make some of our own work, and we list those items for sale here until we use them in the course of product demonstrations or other needs.  We need a place to host our own inventory, however the success of your business is the goal of our marketplace.  We’re not trying to buy your inventory to re-sell for profit, we want to help you get your products sold and promote your other services.  The 5% I’m asking for covers the fact that most people pay with cards and I am charged a processing fee, and then a very small portion to cover the expense of maintaining the website.  If my fees price you out of the market then no one wins.  When you succeed, we succeed.  Our Sawyers are the stewards of our environment, the natural beauty of the PNW is enhanced and maintained by those who responsibly harvest logs and maintain trees in our Urban Settings to produce items that tell a story.  We invite you to come tell your story with us!