WE NEED YOUR INPUT! - Planned Products & Services

We are fortunate that several brands have allowed us to go public with their product lines prior to opening.  Don't think this is all we have planned!  Many of the product lines we intend to carry we have already been in discussion with and will be bringing them in once we get closer to opening our doors.

Planned Lines:

  • Chainsaws 
  • Industrial Wood Working Tools for Secondary Processing
    • Planers / Jointers / Shapers / Sanders / Bandsaws / Cabinet Saws / Dust Management
  • Log Handling Tools / Tongs / Cant Hooks / Timber Jacks / Felling Wedges / Etc
  • Forestry Axes
  • Kiln Drying Systems
  • Metal Detectors - For scanning logs for obstructions
  • Power Tools Parts / Accessories
    • Saw Blades / Table / Band / Mill 
    • Parts for all equipment we carry, including past models
  • Safety Equipment & Apparel
  • Sealants / Epoxies 
  • Hardwood Lumber / Slabs - In Connection with our local Sawyers

Additional Lines Available Through Our Suppliers

  • Gas Powered Lawn Care Equipment
  • Automated Lawn Care Equipment
  • Iron / Metal Working Equipment
  • Agricultural Tractor Attachments
  • Agricultural Dump Trailers
  • Hydraulic Power Units 

Available starting July 1st - bandsaw blade sharpening for Hud-Son and Woodmizer blades!  Can also sharpen any other blades with the same profile, teeth setting included! Watch for official announcement once machine is up and running.  

We have plans, but this is where we want to your YOUR opinion on brands or product lines you want to see us carry!   We plan to focus on the items you can't just walk into your local big box store and get in a pinch.  I got into this business because I was frustrated with the selection locally of products I wanted to see, do you run into this problem yourself?  Sound off in the comments below, tell us all about it and let us hear your ideas!