Looking For Metal Workers!

I have a project I’m putting out there for anyone who can take on the challenge.  If you succeed, you will receive a $500 gift card towards the purchase of anything we carry.  This one is pretty simple really, I have this logo...



I wanted to create an in store replica for our grand opening.  So far I have acquired this ... 



it is an old 5’ Circular Saw Blade and equally old logging axe.  This is where my realm of experience stops - i’d teach myself eventually but I know there are people out there who can torch cut letters, or weld on something... I don’t have a preference on how you achieve the final look, but I want it to stay close on feel to the logo above.  

in the form below, tell me what you would do, how you would do it, and how to mount it, most likely above a doorway.  I will take all submissions, and depending on amount taken, we will determine a payout for runner ups, and select a candidate to complete the job.  Since our specific opening date isn’t set yet, this is open ended unless someone hits a home run right away, or we have a date set.  Check back often 



Name *
Explain, your idea, your methods, and your timeline. I will reply to everyone with confirmation of receipt and more details.