Hud-Son Forestry Equipment - Barneveld NY - Field Trip to the Adirondacks

I had the opportunity to visit Hud-Son’s headquarters and manufacturing facilities out in Barneveld NY, at the beginning of June.  It was a pretty impressive sight and gave me a lot of ideas for the outfit we are in the process of getting open.  So, anyone who you tell your going to New York immediately thinks about the city.  Well this is about as New York as Sultan is to Seattle, both in distance and population, and it was a nice small town with a community feel to it.  


Pulling into their lot I realized how big their operation is.  They are retail, manufacturing and wholesale distribution.  It’s pretty impressive and you can just tell everyone enjoys what they do, and enjoy working there. It’s nice to see there’s companies like this still out there,m.  They set a good example.  Most of us are used to being in a wood shop, even if it is just your own garage but I didn’t even think about the fact that to make these machines it’s all metal.  So seeing a full blown metal manufacturing shop was equally impressive as the machines that come out of there. 


After two days of hands on training and demonstrations I left with a ton of ideas for our place and an even greater sense of excitement.  I mean they have a Sawyer set up outside shipping and they build their own specialized pallets on the spot. That’s a use I didn’t even think of, but anyone who works with wood or is a DIY kind of person should have one set up for on the spot needs! 

Take a look at the pictures and you can see the history and the dedication to quality products.   Hope you enjoy, the pics don't do half of what I saw justice...